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Our Method

The International Hebrew School’s teaching method is based on tailored, high quality individual tutoring. Our team will design a unique individual program of studies for each student or group according to their needs and goals. Your personal progress will continuously be assessed so the learning potential of every class is maximized. The International Hebrew School is designed to achieve an intimate and fun learning experience while at the same time generating a professional and effective atmosphere. The teachers use the book Hebrew for All, written by Dr. Hila Amit. The book is using queer and feminist methods to enable a more diverse and open attitude for learning of the language. 

Every class at the International Hebrew School is 60 minutes long

and consists of three parts:

  1. Speaking: Each class begins with a minimum of 20 minutes of speaking. Our friendly, motivated and engaged teachers will encourage you to talk even when you don’t think you have the vocabulary! During these 20 minutes we will help you develop your oral expression, listening comprehension and correct pronunciation. 

  2. Reading: The following 20 minutes are devoted to reading texts from various sources, exposing the students to different kinds of Hebrew at diverse linguistic levels. Complete beginners will start with simple text-book paragraphs, moving to informative texts, newspapers, fairytales etc. Our intermediate and advanced students will also be exposed to literature and academic texts, according to the wishes and needs of each student. 

  3. Grammar: The last part of the class is dedicated to grammar and to homework correction. We will learn the unique structure of the Hebrew language, we will learn how to identify the various functions of words, how to conjugate verbs, construct sentences and more. The Berlin Hebrew School encourages its students to continue their learning beyond the frontal classes. Therefore, homework is an integral part of the program. Writing skills are mainly practiced at home, offering a more effective use of the teacher-student joint time. Writing skills will be checked by the teacher and discussed during the last section of the class.

Why learn Hebrew at the International Hebrew School?

  • Classes are offered during all hours of the day, and even on weekends. So if you work full time, this should not prevent you from picking up Hebrew. Another advantage of our unique system is that you will not be required to spend extra money on buying text books or work books. All studying materials will be provided by your teachers.

  • We know you are busy and do not always have the time to commute to classes within your city of residence, or maybe there are no Hebrew classes offered where you currently live. Maybe you also lack the motivation to leave your house or office when it’s freezing cold and snowing or over 30 degrees Celsius and very humid. Skype classes offer the best solution to all of these issues! Skype classes allow the students and teachers to be flexible with time, and classes can take place pretty much any hour of the day.

  • Our students are entitled to a 40 minutes FREE trail lesson.

  • Discount options for students and unemployed.

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