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Lisa, Germany

Lisa, Hebrew Student

Hila is an extremely professional, friendly and supportive teacher. Studying Hebrew with her is both fun and very efficient for me. The personnel structure of her lessons makes me progress and give me the possibility to develop by myself. I gain the courage to speak, feel challenged in the best way and am motivated to dive deeper into the language.


Matthew, Israel

I have been learning Hebrew with Hila for more than a year now. Starting with some basic Hebrew knowledge, Hila immediately understood my level and adjusted the following lessons accordingly. She knows how to explain the grammar and specifics of the Hebrew language very well – enriching her lessons with anecdotes which makes it easy for me to memories the material.Hila understands perfectly what interests me as a student and prepares each class correspondingly. Moreover, Hila is simply a great conversational partner – that is how learning a language is fun


Richard, Boston, US

Hila is not just a good, but a superb teacher, and I sampled four different tutors before working with her. I’d say she’s in another league. Her love of language extends not only to teaching hebrew but to writing well reviewed fiction and nonfiction. She will give homework and has high expectations, so that you are likely to learn quickly. She also has a well thought out pedagogy, so that one lesson leads to another logically. She is the real deal!


Ephraeim, New Jersey, US

Hila is an exceptionally talented tutor. First, she is highly skilled in the language. She is a Hebrew language expert, and her command of English is complete. There is never difficulty understanding each other. Second, she is a highly skilled educator. She implements teaching techniques that I find very effective, including conversation, written exercises on grammar and parts of speech, as well as funny and entertaining video vignettes. Second, the design of the sessions promotes maximum use of the time. The hour breezes by and I feel that I get enormous value out of each session. In short, I highly recommend Hila.

Iddo & Yarden, Hebrew student

Iddo & Yarden, Germany

We are Iddo and Yarden, 10 years old kids. We lived in Berlin for several years and our parents wanted to make sure that we gain good reading and writing capabilities in Hebrew. We started with frontal lessons, and after we got to know Hila we switched to lessons over Skype. During the lessons we practiced writing, reading and also improved our Hebrew grammar. Both we and our parents were very happy with the lessons and we all felt that it was very beneficial to us.

Lucas, Hebrew student

Rosalyn, London, UK

I have been studying Hebrew with Hila for almost a year now. I really enjoy our weekly lessons and have noticed a big improvement in my ability to speak and understand. Prior to lessons I was struggling with grammar - particularly verbs. It has been invaluable to have someone explain to me the more challenging concepts in a simple and clear way as I have not had much formal Hebrew tuition. Hila is always approachable and encouraging even when i am getting frustrated with how difficult language learning can be. Hila tailors the lessons to my needs and supports me with trying out new techniques to learn and remember concepts and vocabulary. She has provided study materials such as video links, comprehensions and written homework so I always have something to work on in my own time if I wish to progress faster.The lessons are fun, interesting and useful for learning Hebrew as it is really spoken in Israel and have been instrumental in me improving and gaining confidence in the language.

Nathan, Hebrew student

Nathan, UK

Hila is an inspiring, disciplined, and fun Hebrew teacher -- really one-of-a-kind. I am doing a PhD in Hebrew Bible/Tanach in London and wanted to learn Modern Hebrew. Hila adapted our lessons to fit my needs and interests and takes a personal interest in my language skills.  She has a diverse background in classical Hebrew, too, and is an engaging conversation partner with a range of interests and a unique perspective. I have worked with other instructors, but Hila combines rigour, grammatical knowledge, and personality better than any other. She is even great with my kids when they wanted to see who was on Skype. I recommend her unreservedly!

Tom, Hebrew Studen

Tom, U.K

Hila is a thoughtful, interesting and motivating teacher that I happily recommend to anyone with an interest in learning Hebrew. A year ago I started as a complete beginner. My wife and her family speak Hebrew so I wanted to learn but had no idea where best to start. I am very glad I found Hila. I do two hours a week over video call so the classes are easy to arrange and fit in around other commitments. Hila is very patient and goes out of her way to make the lessons personally relevant and engaging.

Christina, Hebrew student

Christina, Germany

I have been learning at the international Hebrew School since 2015, with a five month maternity break. I have started learning Hebrew because my partner is Israeli and we were about to have a child together. The International Hebrew School was very flexible with the times of classes, as with the break I took. Most importantly, I could learn Hebrew from home with my newly born baby beside me. I could breast-feed him during class time, something I am not sure other Language school offer. The fact the classes was taking place on Skype while I was at my own home  made the classes comfortable and relax, and enable a better learning process for my specific needs. 


Bernard, Germany

I was one of the first students of the International Hebrew School. I started learning Hebrew in 2015 in preparation for better communication in Israel.  I have been taking classes once a week now for more than a year now and I can honestly say I could not have wished for a better learning environment. My teacher was always flexible with the time, and I could even do classes during the weekends. When I had to move to Frankfurt, I continue working with a teacher I already knew and did not require me to search for a new language school, as classes were taking place on Skype. I made quite a lot of progress but most importantly – this was done with the sheer enjoyment and with the personal connection built with the teacher. 

Natalia, Germany

Ich lerne Hebräisch mit Frau Hila Amit seit Anfang Dezember. Ich brauche hebraische Sprache beruflich, habe schon ein wenig Grundkenntnisse gehabt, bevor ich den Unterricht mit Frau Hila Amit begonnen habe, habe aber vorher niemals hebraische Sprache benuzt. Dank Hila's Unterricht habe ich in kurzer Zeit geschafft die hebraische Sprache in meinem Beruf anzuwenden. Hila's didaktische Art und Weise ermöglicht ein gutes Verständnis der Grammatik. Wir machen viele conversatione, besprechen im Dialog sehr viele Themen, die mich betreffen und interessieren und somit wird der Unterricht sehr effektiv.

Sebastian, Germany

I´m learning Hebrew with Hila after testing other schools and teachers. She is very flexible with dates and patient with me as a student. The classes fits the topics i need to talk about in Hebrew, So you feel your progress after every lesson and can talk about yourself and your life very soon The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed but professional and with focus on your progress. If you want to learn Hebrew, join our community and meet with Hila. 

Jim, Pannsylvania, USA

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Hila is a brilliant teacher who has helped me improve my Hebrew in a very short period of time. She knows exactly at what level to pitch the material we study and assigns interesting reading which is relevant to my interests. The content of the classes is flexible to suit the skills I want to develop. She is also very friendly, encouraging, and responsive. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Miriam,  Chicago, US


I am so happy that I am learning with Hila.  We have a very organized lesson including speaking, reviewing homework and learning a new concept.  Hila is very patient and has a clear and understandable approach when teaching a new lesson.  I am learning Hebrew and having fun! 

Bine,  Germany


Studying with Hila totally helped me to improve my Hebrew. Before I tried it on my own or in bigger classes but having a one-to-one situation is so much better. It’s intense, so I learned more in a short time. I really like how she organises the lessons. So there’s always a variety in talking, grammar and exercises. I fully recommend her!

Ronni, Atlanta, US

Ronni6701RTPfinal-tan (2).jpg

I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.  They are a great blend of structured learning and conversational Hebrew.  Hila is great at adapting her approach to ensure I am challenged, but not frustrated

Rudi, Hebrew Studen

Rudi,   Germany

Bevor ich angefangen habe bei Hila Amit Unterricht zu nehmen, hatte ich Ivrit bereits seit einigen Jahren selbständig und mit mehreren Lehrern gelernt. Aber immer wieder musste ich bei meinen seltenen Israelbesuchen feststellen, dass es nicht ausreicht, um selbst eine einfache Unterhaltung zu führen: immer wieder kam das Gespräch nach wenigen Sätzen ins Stottern, und meine israelischen Gesprächspartner wechselten ungeduldig ins Englische. Das hat mich extrem enttäuscht. Seit 2 Jahren unterrichtet mich Hila online via Skype, und bei meiner letzten Kurzreise nach Tel-Aviv habe ich bemerkt dass ich nicht nur wesentlich mehr von der sprachlichen Umgebung verstehe, sondern vor allem einem Gespräch folgen, mich ausdrücken, nachfragen kann, ohne dass gleich Englisch gebraucht wird. Ein echter Erfolg und ein Fortschritt, den ich Hila Amit zu verdanken habe! Geniale, liebenswürdige Lehrerin mit Disziplin und Charme!

James, NYC

I have been learning Hebrew with Hila for 8 months and each lesson i begin to soak up more and more of this beautiful language. I work for an Israeli company and enjoying educating myself on religion - so whether its conversational speaking, learning to write or read - Hila covers each part giving me all the tools i need to keep progressing whilst being great fun at the same time. Toda!

James,  London, UK


"I’ve been thrilled by the progress I’ve made learning Hebrew with Hila. I had tried group classes before and was disappointed at the lack of structure and ability to tailor the class to my needs. Hila did a wonderful job of adjusting her course to my speed and abilities to make sure I get the most out of our time. I find that her knowledge of and interest in cultural topics, such as politics and women’s issues, make the conversation both interesting and educational. The Skype format is so convenient, too. Highly recommended!


Justus, Germany

Hila is an extremely talented teacher since she somehow manages to find just the right balance between challenge and motivation. She addresses my individual needs and difficulties regarding Hebrew in a very structured way but I can still say that every single lesson is also a fun experience. I very much like Hila`s teaching materials. The texts introduce the language skills required in real-life situations and there is not a single word of "dead vocabulary" that you would never ever use again. As I am personally very fond of world music, I simply love Hila`s e-mails in which she introduces Israeli musicians, their stories as well as the lyrics of famous songs in both Hebrew and English. I would also like to mention that Hila always manages to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere that makes me feel confident to formulate also more complex sentences which really helps me to progress fast.


Carole, Chicago, US

Hila is the best Hebrew teacher ever! she is funny, natural, gives you space to discover Jewish culture. She is good listener, and great in making conversation. 


Hila has done an excellent job tailoring the lessons to my needs. I came to her wanting to focus the lessons on my verbal Hebrew which has gotten rusty over time. She creates all her own materials which have proven to be extremely helpful for sharpening my skills. I have noticed an improvement in my Hebrew since working with Hila and am looking forward to continuing my lessons with her. I would highly recommend her!

Christian,  Switzerland

Devora, NYC, US

Devora, Hebrew Student

After a lifelong struggle trying to learn, understand, and just generally comprehend Hebrew, I've finally found a school that breaks through some of my previous challenges. The one-on-one sessions have been so helpful for me that I'm finally able to have conversations with friends and family in a language that I once considered exclusive. 

Brenton, Germany

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 16.02.35.png

Hila is a very patient teacher who plans her lessons to suit the needs of the students. It's fun to learn Ivrit with her, and using Skype is easy and convenient

Lucas, Mexico

Lucas, Hebrew student

It was always enjoyable learning Hebrew with Hila when I studied with her in the early days of the school. My conversational, reading and writing skills improved quite a bit, so that between lessons I would really enjoy writing quite long essays to read to her in the next lesson. The lessons were on Skype - so no time wasted travelling.

Paul, UK


For a while I have had the desire to learn Hebrew. If my very first impression of Hila was good, it got even better once she started teaching me: she is very communicative, easy going and most importantly, she is patient and knows what she is doing. I know I can always reach her in case I have got any questions, which makes the learning process way easier. I am really glad I have found her because I feel like I have progressed a lot since she started teaching me, which is why I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants to learn a language that seems tricky at first, but is not that difficult after all. 

Lisa, Germany

Lisa, Hebrew student

Hila has been a fantastic teacher - well prepared, patient, friendly, and with lots of experience to help me `get it` when learning new vocab and grammar. Would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to advance their Hebrew.

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